Angus McIntosh's energy is infectious. From the moment you meet him you know that this is someone who embraces life and lives with passion. Inspired by Michael Pollan's 'The Omnivore's Dilemma', he left behind life as a stockbroker with Goldman Sachs in London and headed back home, to South Africa, to farm... His philosophy is "we are custodians of the land and we need to ensure that at all times fertility is improving on the farm" and his farm is the the only pure grass-fed and finished beef operation in South Africa.


In 2013 Emma and I visited his farm, located just outside of Stellenbosch. He uses high density grazing, running 350 cattle on 114 hectares. He also has 4,000 laying hens that lay their eggs in 'eggmobiles' (seen above) that are moved daily to new pasture.