Early on in my rugby career, I was sponsored by a supplement company. I was young, trying to maintain my weight and wanted protein to use at home and free product was pretty exciting. 

As I became more aware and interested in where the products were sourced, the impact this had on the products quality and the people involved in manufacturing them, as well as the impact they were having on my body, I started to ask questions about whether some of these things could be improved. Whether they would take the first, and what I thought was fairly reasonable, step of using Fairtrade or ethically sourced cocoa in their chocolate flavoured products? After a good couple of years, these questions came to nothing and so I parted ways with that company. I had found Professional Whey online and was really impressed with both their ethics and the quality of their products and so I began ordering protein powders and a few other products from them. 

This continued for a couple of years until Stephen Morris, the founder of Professional Whey, contacted me to chat about how I was finding the products and if I had any feedback. After hearing more about the business side of Professional Whey from Stephen I was even more impressed. They have a real commitment to sourcing great products from ethical sources and avoiding the kinds of additives and artificial sweeteners found in so many sports supplements.

After a few more conversations I became an ambassador for Professional Whey. I've been incredibly wary of promoting or pushing products that I don't believe in - that's one of the reasons I've been blacking out my boots for years - but with Professional Whey I genuinely believe in what their doing and have found their products really work for me. 

I understand that we're all sick of people trying to sell us stuff - in posting about this my hope is that people who do use sports supplements maybe think about some of these questions, and understand that there are companies like Professional Whey committed to providing an alternative. Hopefully we will see more of this across the industry. Thanks to Stephen and his team for their leadership.