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April Fools backfires

April Fools backfires

I thought I had a pretty good scheme to get Matt Toomua on 1/4/15 but as Jamie Pandaram writes, TOOMUA HAD THE LAST LAUGH

THERE were plenty of April Fool’s shenanigans going on in Canberra this week and not all of the pranks went down well.

We hear David Pocock thought he’d ruined his close friendship with Brumbies teammate Matt Toomua after being reverse pranked.

Toomua hates it when his fiancé, dual sports star Ellyse Perry, is asked to do marketing work by the Brumbies. Apparently Pocock used the email of the Brumbies manager to send a couple of requests to Perry for photo opportunities.

But Toomua was wise to the trick. Word soon filtered back to Pocock that Toomua had flown into a rage and smashed a glass door, sending the flanker scrambling to sort out the drama only to learn he had been done by his own prank.